The Australian Baby Guide is a blog and magazine based in Australia, that is dedicated to providing mothers of all ages with around-the-clock information on the latest trending news, appliances and general tips and tricks to help you improve your day-to-day life.

The Australian Baby Guide magazine has been mentioned in publications all over the world, both for our writings and for our dedication to help new mothers achieve their goals. We identify current issues with pregnancy, and work with media groups and lobbyists all across Australia to promote good causes. In terms of bad causes that we identify, the Australian Baby Guide works tirelessly to ensure that the correct procedures are in place for new mothers.

We know that mothers struggle with pregnancy, especially when support isn’t on hand to help. That’s why we are dedicated to publishing a series of informational posts and articles to help mothers obtain free information on pregnancy. The team behind the Australian Baby Guide blog are all people with first-hand experience – mothers or fathers who have experienced what it is like to go through pregnancy. These are people who have real life experience and skills that directly relate to bringing up a young child, all the way through from early ages to teenage years. It is this combined experience that has helped Australian Baby Guide to help so many vulnerable individuals all across Australia.

Having a team that has worked with children for years, we started wondering if anyone had produced a comprehensive resource guide for parents that had all the information in the one spot. What we found is that most websites are clunky – and contain irrelevant information or request payment from members. Nothing existed, not even the slightest whiff of a website. And so, the Australian Baby Guide was born on the idea that good information should be free.

While we don’t have the scope to publish a comprehensive and extensive resource online, we would most definitely like to identify the most important issues in the world, and work with our visitors to ensure that these are tackled as best as possible. We also work with local and national Australian authors to promote their work – and provide mothers with free copies of books where possible. We believe that education is the key to a successful pregnancy, and that’s what the Australian Baby Guide will aim to deliver upon.

We also request, and almost insist that members of the public submit their own articles, experiences and guides to the Australian Baby Guide. We will publish these guides on our website to help other mothers. There will be no charge for this, and you are free to submit whatever content you may wish. An example of an going contribute is Bread Machine Direct – who contribute healthy bread based recipes, bread machine reviews and more!

As we approach 2015, the Australian Baby Guide will continue to focus on important matters to the local, national and international community. It is in our best interests to provide honest, unbiased and comprehensive information consistently to our readers.

Thanks for reading,
Australian Baby Guide.

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